Sign our letter below to request Prime Minister Netanyahu's presence at the United States & Israel Unity Summit

August 1, 2015 at the Valley View Casino Center

3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

To the Honorable Prime Minister of Israel.

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Speaking as American evangelicals, we want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day. We admire your strength and bravery and your great leadership of Israel. You have stood firm in faith and like King David before you, you fear no country. You have been a great example to us and to the world of what true leadership should be.

We want to ask Israel for forgiveness. As Christians we have not fought the good fight and we have not made our voice heard as loud as we should have regarding our love and support for you and the great biblically historical nation of Israel. We cannot be quiet any longer and desire for you to know that we are standing with you and Israel.

There are two countries that have been very blessed by G-d. The first country is Israel, the eternal Holy Land promised by G-d to the Hebrew people (Genesis 12:1) which makes it undeniably special. The second country that is blessed is the United States of America, which was founded upon our Judeo-Christian faith and principles. Our land is a blessing from God through our Founding Fathers as One Nation under God, a true Republic. We honor the Law of the Land and we stand, defend and provide freedom worldwide.

As Christians, we believe:

  • The Israelites are the chosen people of G-d (Genesis 12:2) and the apple of G-d’s eye (Zechariah 2:8).
  • The New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31), which was promised, was fulfilled in our New Covenant—we refer to as the New Testament—a Jewish publication written by Jews about a Jew, so how could we possibly turn our backs on that which is our fountain spring of life? Indeed, the question of the first-century church was, “How can a Gentile become a Christian?”
  • The land of Israel was given to the Hebrew people by G-d as an everlasting covenant made with Abraham (Genesis 15:18-21, 17:7, 19, 21).

Many Nations, including the United States, have adopted foreign policies for a two-state solution in what they believe is necessary for peace. We must never divide G-d’s chosen nation and Holy Land. G-d has sternly warned us that He would bring judgment upon nations that do so.

The future of Israel and the United States depends on both countries loving and blessing each other while being strong in our stance against actions and beliefs that abolishes our mutual freedoms. It is of the utmost importance that Christians and our Jewish brothers and sisters here in America are able to see and hear you in person.

You recently stated that the United States is the second Israel. Christians are part of Israel and we belong in the Holy Land. You also stated that you will go anywhere you are invited to speak about Israel and the threat of Israel’s very existence by Iran. Your presence would also give millions of Americans the opportunity to decry the shameful anti-Israel actions of the Obama administration. Their actions are not our faith and beliefs, and we want all of Israel to know that we are standing with you. Our everlasting relationship between the United States and Israel can never be broken.

It is our greatest desire for you to honor us with your presence; therefore, we are pleased to humbly extend to you our invitation to address our United States and Israel Unity Summit to be held in San Diego on August 1, 2015 along with Allen West and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, among others. We are arranging for VIPs from all over the country to be in attendance. The event will be taped and shared with all of America.

Most respectfully, we the undersigned pledge our support to you, Jerusalem the eternal capital of G-d’s people and the blessed nation of Israel.

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— Burt Keefer

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